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Welcome to my blog.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Jayanth Kumar, currently building large scale software systems as SDM III at Amazon, being one of the youngest Engineering Leader in a FAANG .

I am an INFJ-A (the Advocate) millenial polymath - a published poet, a technical architect, an entrepreneur, an engineering leader and an assistant professor too.

Here is me in a nutshell, by my personality type.



Here is a small walk-through of my journey so far.

I had studied in Patna under the guidance of the famed Super 30 mathematician, Anand Kumar till matriculation in 2008.

Later, I moved to DPS R.K. Puram for my Science Intermediate and got admission in 2010 to the department of Computer Science at IIT Bombay for my Bachelors degree.

During my bachelors at IIT Bombay, I interned with e-Yantra Lab in summer 2011, Computer Science department at TU Braunschweig, Germany in summer 2012, Edelweiss Capital algorithmic trading team in winter 2012, Deutsche Bank rates and indices team in summer 2013. I graduated in 2014 with Bachelors in Computer Science with honors distinction, writing my theisis on monotone submodularity in opinion summaries under Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharya, which won 3rd Best Verifiability, Reproducibility, and Working Description award in CICLING 2015, Egpyt as a poster presentation and later, got accepted into EMNLP 2015, Lisbon, Portugal as short journal paper for ACL anthology .

Post graduation, I started as a software developer in Predictive Maintenance and Services team in SAP SE, Walldorf, Germany in 201, where I built proof of concepts for customers like Trainitalia and filed a US patent application in Databases.

After a year, I was transferred to SAP Labs, Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, United States to lead and build Predictive Maintenance SDK for the Asset Intelligence team. My job at SAP involved working with Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning technologies, so I enrolled and completed Data Mining Graduate Certificate from Stanford Center for Professional Development, a unit of Stanford University.

To continue my interests and education, I moved to University of California Los Angeles to do my post-graduate Masters in Computer Science, writing my thesis on Multi-objective Deep Learning under Prof. Kai Wei Chang. I also, served as graduate research lab leader at UCLA for Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative and even, published some open-source research projects like Pyoracc on Pypi.

Meanwhile, I travelled 5 continents, 20 countries and covered 6 wonders of the world, still have to visit Great Wall of China. Along with this journey, I worked with 5 different research groups too - e-Yantra lab IIT Bombay, Computer Science department TU Braunschweig, CFILT IIT Bombay, CDLI UCLA and UCLA NLP lab. My self-published poetry collection on Amazon Kindle - Gonzo Poet and through his lens narrates my musings about self, society, love, family, religion, and nature in the process of self-discovery during that journey.

Returning back to India in 2019, I started consulting emerging start-ups in India, one of which Goodhealthapp, a YCombinator and Elevation Capital funded Startup later onboarded me as their Head of Engineering and Founding Team. That was the start of my entrepreneurial journey, where I built multiple products in insurance tech space with a very small team of only five developers. When Goodhealthapp wrapped up around Covid, I continued my journey in India's largest logistics unicorn Delhivery, building their new logistic SaaS platform and solutions and launched Delhivery in Sri Lanka within a year . For me, that was the most challenging experience, which made me grew not just into Technology but also, into People, Processes and Product leadership.

I always, seek to challenge myself with new learning opportunities and focussed on building large scale software systems, which will stand the test of the time.

After launching Delhivery in Sri Lanka, I have now moved to Amazon India to start my next sprint as a part of Distribution Center Technology team in Amazon. I mostly spend time playing with my dog Peanut, caring about stray animals, reading non-fictional technical books ranging from Economics to even, Business and then, end up writing or debating on politics and public policies. I really enjoy writing, also as a published poet and as a blogger too, some of those blogs you will get to read here at medium.

Ending on one of my mantras,

Software Engineering is a disciplined art and so, let’s create some large-scale masterpieces!

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